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Hagen Ebert set out on his musical journey at the age of 6 with an education in classical piano. At the age of 9, he began writing his very first songs for the guitar. Hagen never lost his passion/interest for music after that and was part of several bands as singer and guitarist in his teenage years, during which he also learned to play the saxophon.


Later he shifted his focus and started concentrating on his own music and improving his skills as a singer. In order to bring his songs to life he started to learn music production. He quickly realized that this is where his true passion lied and he thus began to learn all he could about it.

After collaborating with several local artists, while simultaneously earning an academic degree in economics, in 2018 Hagen enrolled at the dutch ArtEZ-Conversatorium in Enschede to study music production.


Hagen now runs his own studio in Kassel, Germany, and is currently working on several projects with a variety of artists to achieve his dream of creating truly great music.

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